Hand made

custom kilts

Custom tailored to fit, many styles and fabrics to choose from, original styles available.

        Custom tailored kilts, hand made to each individual.  Several varieties of kilts are available, traditional, cargo, versa, andthe new trans-kilt, with interchangeable front panels. Contact me and schedule a fitting soon.

                                                   Available at FAD home décor, 642 Main Avenue, Farmingdale Maine

                                                                 Store    207-213-5426      or       Cell 207-740-3039

                                                                         or email at fadhomedecor@gmail.com


Here is the versa kilt, khaki with blue tartan inlaid into the pleats, choose from any color combination, and the popular cargo kilt which is great for hiking, has interchangeable pockets which snap on and off.

Our own trans-kilt. tailored to fit out unique trans-kilt with interchangeable apron / panels. Mix and match to make different looks to the same kilt or order 2 or more and really change up your look. Here is an example of the trans-kilt with a tri-cut khaki panel and one with a solid black panel with accessory hooks.

Meet Kevin ,our new addition to FAD Home Décor. Kevin is our new spokesmodel for Kilton.net